Alex Aniston Net Worth

Alex Aniston Net Worth

Alex Aniston is the half-brother of a famous actress named Jeniffer Aniston. He was born and grew up in California US but never liked to show off his strong background in society.

Today we take a deep look at Alec Aniston Biography, net worth, family, and affairs. So, if you are his fan and want to know more about him then you are at the right place. So let’s discuss further his lifestyle.

Alex Aniston Biography

Alex Aniston was born on May 2, 1989, and now he is about 32 years old. He is the youngest son of a famous actor named John Aniston from his second wife Sherry Rooney.

He is well known and famous because of the fame of his half-sister Jeniffer Aniston. But Alex never liked to associate himself with his family. He is totally different from others who liked to live and travel alone.

Early Life

Alex was born and grew up in the city of California, US. He got early education from his hometown school and then went to high school where he completed his studies.

He never wanted to be an actor so he was very interested in animals and skulls from his childhood. One of his best friends stated that Alex used to collect and sell Animal’ Skull for his life.

He never liked to associate his personality with the fame of his father and half-sister.

Personal Life

If we talk about his personal life then he was in a romantic relationship with two girls. First, he dated a famous model and makeup artist named Adriane Hallek.

They have two children together without marriage. Alex’s first son named Ryat was from his girlfriend Adriane Halley and was born on 7 December 2014.

Then they have a second child daughter named Kira who was born in July 2016. After his breakup with his first girlfriend, Alex started dating Kiri Peita.

Their relationship was started back in 2017 when they were spotted by a daily mall in California. If we talk about Kiri then she was born in Australia but raised in the US.

Alex Aniston’s Sister & Father

Alex’s background is known well as the family of actors. His half-sister named Jeniffer Asioton is also an actress. Additionally, his father John Aniston was also an actor.

But Alex never took much interest in acting moreover he started to collect animal skulls to support his living. He used to say that he liked to live simply and alone without fame.

Alex Aniston Net Worth 

He has an estimated net worth of $10 million which he earned from his hard work and hobbies.


One of his friends stated that Alex never showed off his strong background in his friend’s circle. He only likes to travel and collect the skull of animals. Now, he is living very simply and traveling from one place to another pace through his black van.


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