You don’t have to write everyday.

I am not saying that writing every day is a bad thing, I am saying that you should do what works for you. Whatever motivates you to write consistently for weeks, months, years; instead of burning yourself to the ground in the process, is what motivates you. Hopefully, forever, do whatever makes you a better writer. You don’t have to be miserable to be an artist. Your work, your body, and your mind will appreciate it if you are happier and healthier than that.

Have you ever done something and then you say with pride and excitement, but also with a little confusion, “I did that!”?. That is where you want to be, not grinding your words onto the page like a chore; which way of creating is going to make you miserable at the end of the process. There are days when I can’t get to the shower or sit down and write 500 words. I could feel my anxiety on those days, and it was so bad I couldn’t see it. It grows legs and moves up my throat, preventing me from raising my voice. I don’t write on those days because of the fear of not being enough. I know I write better when I am well-rested and when I don’t have to think too hard about it.

Do you want to be happy with your success, or do you want to feel dead inside because you have nothing left to give? It is your choice to make.